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Sep, 2021

Open Board Elections

Hello all,
We at GJHLL would like to announce that it is that of year to hold open elections for GJHLL Board of Directors. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering to join our Board please see the following information:

George J Hummel Little League 
Open Election Notice.
Election Date: 10-13-2021
Election Location: Seymour Community Center Bingo Room
Election Time:7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Election Eligibility: Anyone in good standing with GJHLL
* Note-If you would like to run for a board position, but are unable to be in attendance, you may send me your written intentions. Send all intentions to 
Scott Lang @ [email protected]

George J Hummel Little League 

Election Process

  1. Elections are to be held every October. 
  2. Board Members are elected every two years.
    1. Half of the board will be up for election in the even years (2022) and the other half of the board will be up for election in the odd years (2023).
    2. Board positions that are equal (baseball commissioner and softball commissioner) can not be elected in the same year.
    3. Due to the pandemic, this year's election will consist of all board positions. Half of the elected positions will be a 2 yr commitment with re-election in 2024. The other half will be a one year commitment with re-election in 2023.

Current GJHLL Board of Directors

(Positions as listed in the By-Laws)

President - Bill Ragaini  

Vice President- Empty

Secretary - Dawn Supranovich

Treasurer: Krisy Novitski

Player Agent: Kathy Supranovich

Safety Officer: Dave Tomasheski

Baseball Coaching Coordinator: Scott Lang

Softball Coaching Coordinator: Tammy Brower

League Information Officer: Frank Wright

Marketing/Public Relations Manager: Jon Lovisolo

Fundraising Manager: Dan Marra

Concession Manager: Brian Popielasz

Umpire in Chief: Kevin Klisus

Finance Director: Steve Betts

Team Leader Coordinator: Michelle Fainer

Building/Field Maintenance Director: Empty

Softball Commissioner: Bob Lang

Baseball Commissioner: Jim Hoffman

 Tee Ball Commissioner: Empty

Softball Equipment Manager: Mike McDaniel

Baseball Equipment Manager: Jason Festermaker

Even Year Positions Up for Election (Starting in 2022)



Softball Commissioner

Safety Officer

Player Agent

Baseball Coaching Coordinator

Softball Equipment Manager

Fundraising Manager

Marketing/Public Relations Director

Building/Field Maintenance Director

Tee Ball Director

Odd Year Positions Up for Elections (Starting in 2023)

Vice President

Baseball Commissioner

Umpire in Chief: Kevin Klisus

Finance Director

Concession Manager

Softball Coaching Coordinator

Baseball Equipment Manager

Team Leader Coordinator


League Information Officer


  1. Public Notice informing the public of the date and open board positions must be given 4 weeks prior to the election.
  2. The election is open to anybody in good standing with GJHLL.
  3. An Election Committee is formed to oversee the Election. 
    1. The Committee consists of 3 members (2 members and 1 Committee Chairman.) and 1 alternate.
  4. On the date of the election the committee and general public shall meet at a designated location. 
  5. Anyone present can nominate themself or someone else, in good standing with GJHLL,  for the elections. The nominee will be assigned a number. For example:
    1. John Smith nominates himself. He is assigned #1
    2. Jane Doe nominates herself. She is assigned #2
  6. All names and numbers are listed.
  7. Once all nominations have been assigned a number. Every person present, in good standing with GJHLL, will be given a slip of paper to use for voting.
  8. Voters will only list the numbers associated with the nominees on the sheet of paper that they are voting for. Nominees can only receive 1 vote per sheet.  If 25 positions are available, voters can vote for 1 nominee or up to 25 nominees.
  9. After all sheets have been collected the Election Committee will convene in a separate room to count the votes.
  10. The Election Committee will list the total number of votes for each nominee. Once all the votes have been tabulated, the nominees with the most votes to fill the open positions will be elected to the Board of Directors.
    1. For Example: if there are 11 open positions and 26 people who were nominated, then 11 of those 26 people who received the most votes are elected. 
  11. The Election Committee will then announce the results.
  12. The election results and paper votes will be kept and stored for a recount/review at any time.
  13. Those who were elected will then meet with the entire board of directors to determine board positions. During this meeting board members will discuss open board positions and who will be assigned to those positions. If two or more members are looking to fill the same open position, the board will have a vote to determine who will fill the open position.
  14. GJHLL website will be updated to include all new members.

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George J. Hummel Little League

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